IU Indianapolis Senior Academy

We, IU Indianapolis's retired faculty and staff, invite you to join us as members of the IU Indianapolis Senior Academy.

We welcome new members and guests.

Why join us?

Connect with other IU Indianapolis retirees who enjoy participating in various social and educational activities:

  • Access to special lectures, tours, and unique events on and off campus in Indianapolis and beyond
  • Targeted educational sessions of interest to retirees (financial, legal, and health-related issues)
  • Information and workshops on university benefits for retirees

What we do?

  • Mentoring of IU Indianapolis students, faculty, and staff
  • Supporting philanthropic activities:
    • Funding and awarding three IU Indianapolis Student Scholarships
    • Contributing to the annual IU Indianapolis United Way and Campus Campaigns
  • Sponsoring of awards:
    • The Bepko Community Medallion is awarded to an individual with outstanding contributions to IU Indianapolis and the Indianapolis community
    • The annual Last Lecture Series
  • Participating in:
    • IU Indianapolis Spirit and Place Festival
    • The Oral History Projects through which the stories of the IU and IU Indianapolis communities come to life and are preserved

Some examples

  • Meeting with friends at the Annual Meeting and the Holiday Luncheon
  • Tours to interesting places such as exploring behind the scenes of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and learning about architecture at the Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana
  • Seminars on retirement, financial planning, estate planning, and tax issues
  • Presentations on health related issues
  • Talks by Senior Academy members in areas of their professional and personal interests

Join Senior Academy

Membership is free for the first year for all newly retired faculty and staff. After the first year, members can pay $25/year annual dues or join as a Lifetime Member with a one-time payment of $200.

Complete our online membership application. Payment of dues is by credit card or PayPal.

History of the Academy

Founded in 1993, the IU Indianapolis Senior Academy is an organization which offers many outstanding and enriching opportunities for connection, involvement, and service. Read more about our history.

Contact us

Do you want to know more about the Senior Academy? We'd love to hear from you!